talent/vendor acquisition

Developing supportive and integrative services to our client base remains at the forefront of our minds.  Facilitating strategic alliances and giving our clients access to world-class influencers lends a powerful ingredient to human capital investment.  Acuity Performance Advisors is equipped to secure acquisitions for personal appearances, speaking engagements, commercials, promotional events, etc.  You name the talent and we will get them!

You have decided to move forward with an employee wellness program and find that staff time constraints and lack of resources inhibit progression.  We can fix that issue!  We are ultra-familiar with wellness vendors of all shapes, sizes, and footprint so by empowering Acuity Performance Advisors to facilitate vendor acquisition will shave time from the equation.  Let's get this!

Public Health & Wellness Experts - Decorated Military Personnel - Leadership Speakers

Sports Personalities - Motion Picture Inspirations - Fitness/Exercise Experts

C-level Executives - Notable Scholars - Aeronautical/Aerospace - Bestselling Authors

Healthcare Experts - Media/Television Personalities - Corporate Entertainers

Sports Performance/Psychology Experts - Education/Student Development Speakers

Distinguished Entrepreneurs - Extraordinary Survivors

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