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Let’s assume that any transformation or major challenge requires a higher level of thinking and doing. A health transformation is certainly not exempt from this assumption. What is it that inspires a person to strive for a more robust and healthy existence? As with anything in life there are differentiators that far exceed standard existence. What I do know is that those driven by a healthy lifestyle acquire a healthy mindset.


Health-inspired people…….


  1. Know how and when to tap into their psychological resources.

  2. Harness the awesomeness of the human mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Have a deep connection with personal enrichment.

  4. Use intelligence when creating goals.

  5. Are accountable to themselves.

  6. Create positive environments.

  7. Engage in regular physical activity and moderate exercise.

  8. Eat high-quality foods and know why they eat each food.

  9. Give focus to managing time.

  10. Embrace work-life balance.

  11. Pursue mastery over acute and chronic stress alike.

  12. Practice superior sleeping skills.


When planning your personal health transformation, remember there is no singular magical ingredient that will create superior results. There exists only a magical mindset if your goal is to create and live within an optimal state of health and well-being. Understanding that a stand-alone action will not get the job done provides depth in mindset. Mindset is King! Attaining optimal health and well-being requires a number of things working to achieve the goals. Think of it this way if you will.


The mobilization of psychological resources is the first and most important realization at any level of play or transformation. Let us pretend that you are a male that weighs 257 pounds at 5’ 10”. Dr. Johnson wants you to position yourself to weigh 170 pounds. That’s a whopping 87 pound weight reduction. He wants you to meet this goal in eighteen months at approximately five pounds per week. At the end of eighteen months, you visit the scale and realize that you have reached your desired weight and then some. In fact, the scale interprets a net loss of 98 pounds. Booya touchdown! The regimen to reach this goal was a slow to moderate pace, proper nutrition, and exercise. What a feeling! What a milestone! The feel-good hormones are in full-tilt and the best thing about this evolution is that no diet was followed. No supplementation was needed! It was the convergence of mindset, nutrition, and exercise. It takes a team! Lead your team and the players will deliver greatness.


The aforementioned story is part of my transformational journey and could tell you that it was seamless and effortless reaching that goal. However, it was far from seamless and effortless! That leg of my journey tested my mental will along with every other psychological resource I could muster. It was extremely difficult both mentally and physically considering that it was on the heels of multiple 2011 diagnosis including late-stage testicular cancer, stroke, cardiac arrest and a 2016 diagnosis of chronic myelocytic leukemia. I would like for you to know one thing. If I can intelligently master the art and science of personal health transformation, so can you. If you do chart a new course and commit to a massive transformation, write your story with passion and forward it to me as I would love for you to inspire me at the core.


12 Critical Realizations Helath-inspired People Embrace

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