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6Pivot Performance has a strategic and comprehensive focus on both individual and organizational transformation.  Our foremost objective is to remain innovative in the pursuit of achievement through services that foster energy, spur growth, and position our clients for branding and cultural success. Our core offerings are deeply rooted in the health and well-being of the clients we serve.  As you continue to explore the possibilities of a strategic alliance with Acuity, the information provided on this portal will provide clarity as to the most effective course of action.  It is our goal to turn your notions into motion.

Every single organization on the planet has a story.  Most of them have a good story! Some have a great story and a smaller pool have a compelling story guided by characteristics that move the consumer, connect with employees, and fuel brand loyalty.  Organizations can deliver their greatness in many ways but if they don’t understand people, they don’t understand the connective tissue between the brand and the recipient.


The branding team at Acuity Performance Advisors knows first-hand how compelling stories resonate with the recipient. We craft messages that engage the mind, pierce the biological processes, and build strong connections with internal and external stakeholders.

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