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coach-in-residence program

The Coach-In-Residence (CIR) program gives organizations the opportunity to warm employees up to the evolutionary effects of improving health, job performance, and work-life balance.  This sends a clear message at a company-wide level that health, wellness, and performance improvement are part of the culture and they too play the most important role.  It is during this coaching process that we identify those who express interest in promoting a culture of wellness within the organization.


This program works well when coupling with other engagement programs including Health Risk Assessments, health-based forums, or fun activities for the entire family.  The CIR program is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations looking to make a gradual entry into the world of employee wellness.


For additional information on the Coach-In-Residence program,

schedule a phone consultation with a member of our team.


  • Our Coach-In-Residence program is ideal for smaller organizations on the cusp of creating an employee performance or wellness program. 

  • The CIR integration delivers much more than coaching as we facilitate employee engagement activities and program communications. 

  • Since this program is not a transactional play, we orchestrate a number of measurements to launch your campaign identifying the pathway ahead. 

  • We gather data from needs analysis, surveys, personal interaction, and build a comprehensive rollout plan delivering the necessary ingredients for a cultural transformation.

  • A CIR initiative will give extraordinary attention to mindset transformation, employee connection, quality of work-life balance, breaking non-productive habits, and finding solutions to performance barriers.  

  • This program utilizes resources within the geographical community to foster strategic alliances when deemed appropriate and conducive in leading organizations to a more healthy existence.

  • Should your organization need pre-launch ignition, we will design and facilitate a comprehensive readiness plan that ensures a most-effective experience within your culture.   

One way to gauge how well your are performing is to ask others.  Be explicit and ask them to be honest and provide feedback.  Invite critical feedback!  Start a conversation that will unhinge complacency, open the wound, and tap into your true and full-potential.  Find your reason and live within it!

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