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6Pivot Performance has a strategic and comprehensive focus on both individual and organizational transformation.  Our foremost objective is to remain creative in the pursuit of achievement through services that foster energy, spur growth, and position our clients for branding and cultural success.  We accomplish this by creating energy, cultivating peak-performance mindsets, and building trust in the coach-client relationship. 

Our core offerings are deeply rooted in the health and well-being of each client we serve.  As you continue to explore the possibilities of a strategic alliance with Acuity Performance, we will provide the necessary information.  It is our goal to turn your notions into motions.

As advisors, we zero in on the elements that drive performance and outperform the competition.  We know there exists a link between employee performance and the health of an organization.  Benchmarks will be implemented as a best-practice and it is imperative to identify and prioritize interventions to improve the state of the organization.  Collaboration is a "must" and we are highly-focused to position each client for program success and sustainability.

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