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Q. Will you customize your presentation to the specific needs of our organization?

Yes!  Customization of any topic is a top priority, therefore we will collaborate with planning personnel to ensure that the content coincides with organizational objectives.


Q. I am an educational administrator seeking a speaker that will visit our campus and deliver multiple presentations in the same classroom, are you available for this type of project?

Remaining flexible to the needs of educational administrators remains a priority.  We can in most cases accommodate scenarios regarding client needs with advance notice.  A comprehensive questionnaire will provide the necessary information to submit a teaming proposal.  This allows us to collaborate with administrators and develop strategic content.


Q. Will you give support to your presentation through handouts to the audience members?

Absolutely!  Support material can be integrated at the request of the acquiring organization.  With the time requirements in design and content development, an additional cost may apply depending on our current inventory of printed support material.  This topic will be gathered via comprehensive pre-program questionnaire which will outline detailed information regarding printed support material and costs.


Q. We have a newsletter that is distributed to our associates and would you be interested in writing articles based on the needs of our readership?

Yes!  I can provide both previously written and new content for readership.  Content topics include health & wellness, human potential, peak performance, workforce connection, employee wellness, customer relations, etc.  Depending on the complexity of the writing project, a minimal charge may apply.


Q. Do you have a presentation for athletes or sports-based organizations?

A. As a life-long athlete, my passion for athletics has given me the opportunity to develop presentations focusing on the athlete principles, teamwork, winning, sportsmanship, sports nutrition, fan connection, etc.  I have collaborated with athletes and coaches alike with various levels of experience. Acquiring knowledge regarding the aforementioned has afforded me the awesome opportunity to tap the emotional core of athletic-minded individuals.  I am available to deliver both customized presentations and advisory services to athletic programs.


Q. Our organization is very interested in climate change regarding employee motivation and aesthetics, how are you able to assist in transforming our environment to a more inspired place to work?

Employee motivation is delivered from a variety of ways giving our value-added services a place to land.  We feel that the organizational environment has the power to create employee enrichment.  A focus is geared toward design, layout, and customized content.  Also, continual focus on culture, organization manifesto, workplace wellness, and employee connection can be integrated to boost employee morale which creates a bond of employment among other advantages.


Q. Each year, our school will invite a speaker to address our student body on the topic of drug awareness.  Are you able to deliver a presentation regarding substance abuse?

A. I have been drug-free my entire life and as a result, my presentations do not include a compelling message of overcoming personal substance abuse.  However, I can present on topics that include the consequences of living in an environment of alcoholism.  I focus on prevention, family dynamics & substance abuse, reputation preservation, quality decisions, and association.


Q. On your website navigation, there is a link for Coaching, can you briefly elaborate on this service? 

Coaching services focus on workplace wellness, nutrition, physical activity, and personal performance.  My coaching initiative is not to be compared or confused with that of a certified or registered dietician/nutritionist.  The individual coaching content is 30% wellness insight and 70% building superior psychology.  One of my objectives is to facilitate lifestyle changes through support and empowerment.  It is imperative to integrate personal education and transformational content.  Clients are encouraged to reach out to their primary care physician and/or dietician for medical and nutritional assessment.  In regard to organizational coaching, each teaming effort is highly customized based on information gathered and desired goals.  Organizational topics include workplace wellness program design, employee motivation, employee satisfaction, employee experience, cultural transformation, and health promotion.


Q. Our organization is needing a heavy dose of motivation, can you deliver a powerful message with conviction to excite and create energy?  A high-energy level and a call-to-action is what our planning committee is looking for, can you deliver content that moves the soul and ignites a fire?

Yes!  I prefer to delivering powerful and uplifting messages with conviction.  I can tailor my delivery style to meet the needs of any organization.  My approach and delivery will be facilitated based on information including organizational culture, audience demographics, audience psychographics, and additional information provided by the planning committee.

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