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Founded in 1991 by brothers James and Jeffrey Bergman, StandPoint Communications recognized a need in Northern Missouri for public seminars focusing on leadership & management skills.  As the public seminar industry was a great launching pad, we continually evaluated additional ways to create growth.  Along with seminar production, our vision was to integrate a roster of speaking professionals for potential clients to utilize.  Since 1991, our goals have evolved from a modest service-base to the development of strategic alliances. The evolution of our vision and service suite has created a talent-rich roster of notables who are recognized throughout the world.  Our methodologies have been the foundation for our disciplined approach to developing strong partnerships and creating opportunity for both notable talent and organizations.  We are fortunate to have a unique roster of notables and celebrities that bring a special ingredient to your upcoming events and projects.  



Our purpose is to provide business services and notable individuals that foster growth at both an organizational and workforce level.  To provide a platform is not enough, therefore our commitment is to integrate high-quality processes and methods to sustain success through each project.  Also, it is our purpose and obligation to conduct business just as you would if SPC was a division within your organization.  We commit our resources 100% in the development of each alliance. Our responsibility is to identify a common thread and reinforce your strategy with our services by embracing and executing tactical measures to ensure the success of each project.



Since 1991, we have maintained a proactive stance to the constant changes presented before us.  As the ebb and flow of the industry tides change, we respond by assessing and making the necessary adjustment in our business models.  Our revitalization efforts focus on maintaining equilibrium between our operations, clients, and talent roster.  The evolution of StandPoint Communications is reinforced by our recovery-ready mindset.



Ethical Business Practices

We conduct business with the highest standard of professionalism and ethics.  We adhere to ethical business practices and straight-forward accountability in each endeavor we pursue.


Quality-Driven Decisions

Our focus is to conceptualize, build strategy, and facilitate high-quality initiatives for organizations with a need to harness the power and effectiveness of notable talent based on organizational objectives. 


Team Cohesiveness

Each member of our team is a practitioner of our operational system and business methodologies.  We execute these characteristics continually to recognize, pursue, and develop customized framework for each initiative.


Operational & Project Transparency

Transparency is vital in any business relationship.  Skimming the surface creates inefficient communication.  We integrate transparency to create the best possible result.  This imperative is key in developing effective partnerships and affords each entity full-disclosure throughout the project.


Brand Evolution

Businesses face competition regardless of shape and size.  Individuals inherently experience the same and with that in mind, we address that very issue when spurring individual branding with the speaking professional.  Brand evolution requires both the speaker/talent and our organization to step inside the ebb & flow of the industry tides.  Our goal is to give greater attention to the future of a brand and educate consumers as to brand evolution and achievements.



Proactive Stance in Recognized Alliances

Our overall objective is to create a marriage between notable talent and organizational clients.  Once a collaborative partnership is recognized, we take a proactive stance to introduce key entities to the concept of a teaming-based initiative.


Expansive Knowledge-Base of Notables

We have in-depth knowledge pertaining to the operational model of each notable personality we represent.   It is an imperative to gain detailed knowledge of each roster member and adapt to remain within the established perimeters.  This is vital to our client-base as it eliminates deficiencies in each initiative we orchestrate.


Leveraging Recognition

Our member roster is a unique pool that affords our clients a multitude of avenues in talent acquisition including speaking engagements, promotional campaigns, marketing initiatives, special events, and celebrity spokesperson projects. Our roster of professionals can be a powerful tool for any organization when planning events.  We approach each project with peripheral vision and identify additional opportunities to leverage notable/celebrity characteristics.


Consultative Approach

A key approach in our business is to utilize our experience and consult with each organization to create outstanding results with each project.  Our primary objective is to approach each project in a consultative capacity and assist our clients in the assessment and acquisition of the most ideal talent for an event. 


Establish Empowerment-Based Objectives

Empowerment is critical in our organization.  The basis of our ideologies is to position both our clients and talent-base for success via the creation of strategic objectives.  It is through our initiative assessment that a common thread is established between each entity within the initiative framework. StandPoint Communications is committed to empowering organizations to achieve optimal results ultimately creating a significant impact on each project.


Effectively Create a Balanced Framework

Our goal is to foster balance in each initiative we pursue.  We orchestrate each initiative and maintain equality between each party involved.  This practice is ultra-effective as it creates a synergistic model when developing an alliance.

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