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"Everything we do, we believe in challenging conventional thought.

We believe employees and organizations alike are functioning at a fraction of their potential.

We believe in thinking at a higher level to transcend barriers.

We believe the power of human creativity resides in the epicenter of transformation.

We challenge convention by facilitating compelling and engaging experiences.

We are wellness program designers, advisors, coaches, communicators, and branding agents.


Good organizations might have a laser sight on the top-line and bottom-line and pay lip service to employee wellness and human capital. Inspired organizations deliver best-practices to the entire workforce as fragmentation lacks the ingredients needed.  The inspired organization looks, acts, and feels different not only to their employees but to those conducting business with them.  It is our vision to provide oxygen to organizations who share our beliefs regarding human capital, employee wellness , and organizational performance.

We appreciate your connection! Once we review your message a representative will be in touch. Live with intention!

Coach In-Residence Program

Our Coach-In-Residence program is ideal for organizations on the cusp of creating an employee wellness program.  The CIR integration delivers much more than coaching as we venture into branding tasks as well.  Since this program is not a transactional play we conduct numerous measurements and accept only those organizations meeting  the precise criteria.  Should your organization need pre-program ignition, we can design and facilitate a comprehensive readiness plan that ensures the wellness evolution of your organization.   

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