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Jeffrey refuses to travel the conventional journey! If your world has been disrupted by something and you find it difficult to push through to the next level, now is the time and this is the place for victory.  He is regarded as a proven facilitator of personal transformation in the arena of mindset, health, wellness, career, and performance design.  He is outspoken and delivers a compelling vision with conviction.  "If your current circumstances demand reinvention and you are willing to open the wounds and examine the raw material of YOU, make the choice! Every second counts when you aren't moving!"


Is your organization a compelling place to work or is the culture starving for oxygen? Are your employees really giving you all they have?  Organizational transformation doesn't have to be painful when facilitated in a collaborative way.  If your employees and organization are experiencing barriers and need fresh and creative energy to follow through with your vision and mission, and empower Acuity Performance to start the reinvention. Supported by a team of inspired performance influencers, Jeffrey is primed to facilitate a cultural vibe that will spawn a more dynamic culture.

"We relish in exceeding expectations"


Are your employees experiencing performance barriers?  Is your organization gasping for oxygen?  Has your culture stalled only to rest in a chasm of employee dissatisfaction? This circumstance creates weakened organizational immune system and impedes the ability to reach its potential? These are critical concerns that must be addressed and if you believe your culture should be much better than mediocre, act upon it at a level greater than what exists.  Remaining on this unfulfilled trajectory will anchor the culture, employees, and organization in a state of mediocrity. Instead, catalyze your organization and all its human assets to function at a higher level. Create the exception through strategic recomposition driven by a multi-tiered approach.  The first step is to open a compelling conversation.  When this happens and oxygen is provided, an exciting evolution starts to unfold. If your leadership is apathetic regarding culture and performance then the employees themselves will follow that path.  If your organization creates barriers, employees will rest in the confines of those limitations. If you understand and invest in people then you understand business.     Tragic or triumphant?

If your organization strives to build an inspiring culture where employees thrive and are enthusiastic about where they work then we want to be in your fold. 

If your organizational mindset is to enrich the life of each employee then we have compelling solutions that will amplify the reason why you exist.

If your organization exists to create  something other than a building where people show up, give eight hours of their time, and clock out, we believe you will want to know us.

If your organization wants to truly walk the inspiring walk and create and nurture BOLD  transformation then we want to know you and your “why.”



Wellness promotions

Employee enrichment

Wellness culture transformation

Wellness & performance branding

Content development/copywriting

Organizational image improvement

Employee survivorship enrichment



Employee wellness doesn't have to be a major and cost-prohibitive evolution in your company's human capital programming.  Listed below are simple yet effective tips that positions your organization for an effective wellness program launch.

  • Give each employee a voice in the concept and realization of a workplace wellness initiative.

  • Find those who believe in health & wellness engagement and empower them as ambassadors.  Inspire them!

  • Key executives and management staff must engage and provide support from the genesis of a wellness initiative.  Lead people to a higher-level of performance.

  • Conduct an employee interest survey to assess the enthusiasm of employee and identify a few option to launch a wellness movement.  It starts with knowing what people need and want.

  • Offer Health Risks Assessments to determine where your organization should focus resources.

  • Provide healthy foods as part of nutritional education.

  • Offer flex time to improve work/life balance.

  • Start a departmental weight loss competition and reward the team with the best score.

  • Negotiate with community fitness centers for reduces membership fees or subsidize what employees pay.

  • Create a workshop series that focuses on improving health including exercise, nutrition, and chronic illness.

  • Sponsor a 5K fundraiser for the purchase of exercise equipment.

  • Partner with other businesses that have similar wellness needs and share financial resources.

........and the most important small step toward employee wellness is to create motion.

Energy is at the epicenter of athletic performance and if victory means consuming the most effective and efficient foods, let it be!   In most competitive sports, the different between victory and loss is broken down to how well the athlete is fueled.  Coupled with the mindset element of athletic competition, a well-designed nutrition/fueling framework becomes an equal partner at both a biological and physiological level.  Acuity Performance and Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Jeffrey Bergman stands ready to put the action plan in place for individual athletes as well as sports teams.  Athletes and teams alike will be exposed to performance psychology through mindset transformation and nutritional transformation.

sports nutrition coaching


This integrative service is just one facet of our service suite and packs a big punch in employee development.  Organizations of all shapes and sizes gain a more robust impact on human capital with our surgical-like attention to your programming.  We have strategically balanced our capacities to provide creative intelligence when identifying your specific needs.  


The foundation of our acquisition services is utilizing a collective impact model coupling talent and vendors with organizational objectives.  We provide measurement tools, creative program design/planning, and collaborative integration.  We have been in this arena since 1991 and deploy expansive knowledge and best practices to deliver a transparent experience.  Connect with us and get to know us at a deeper level.


• Asking the tough and transformative questions

• Working through tough circumstances

• Conceptualizing and facilitating transformation

• Gathering information and following it

• Promoting extreme customer experience

• Designed performance/transformation

• Collective impact modeling

• Challenging conventional thought

Acuity Performance is a Missouri-based group specializing in both individual and organizational performance. Our focus is driven by a growth mindset in the areas of human and organizational performance alike.  Our attention to detail coupled with your objectives will serve as a pathway in achieving a higher-level of effacacy. At the core of our journey are many supported by research in the field of performance psychology and more importantly real life experience.  The reality remains that each of us experience factors that impede the maintenance and progression of performance.  When focus is undermined and vulnerability is heightened, a performance mindset becomes a critical factor in transcending obstacles and recalibrate.


Our vision is to deliver timely information and innovative methodologies in a way that is understandable for ALL individuals.  We certainly understand that each individual and organization is uniquely different.  The transformational strategies by which Acuity embraces will vary depending on comprehensive review of metrics including, but not limited to - objectives, core values, time commitment, pacing, organizational vision, evolutionary dynamics, etc.


Acuity is committed to unleashing the creativity necessary to foster successful outcomes during the transformational process.  Creativity remains paramount as an invaluable component in the development of your individual and organizational wellness & performance branding.  When teaming with Acuity, our promise is to introduce exciting change.  Our team will work closely with your personnel to develop a new feel, boost performance, and strategize an organizational evolution.  Our journey involves your performance and the reason why your brand exists.  Empower Acuity to travel with you!

"Everything we do, we believe in challenging conventional thought.

We believe employees and organizations alike are functioning at a fraction of their potential.

We believe in thinking at a higher-level to transcend barriers.

We believe the power of human creativity resides in the epicenter of transformation.

We challenge convention by facilitating compelling and engaging experiences.

We are wellness program designers, advisors, coaches, communicators, and branding agents.

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"Everything we do, we believe in challenging conventional thought.

We believe employees and organizations alike are functioning at a fraction of their potential.

We believe in thinking at a higher level to transcend barriers.

We believe the power of human creativity resides in the epicenter of transformation.

We challenge convention by facilitating compelling and engaging experiences.

We are performance designers, advisors, coaches, and communicators.


Imagine a workplace where employees are healthy in mind and body.  How would living a legacy improve nymbers.


Performance starts with mindset first followed by organizational support and the pursuit of employee potential.


Workplace culture should never be underestimated as a catalyst of productivity, growth, and loyalty.


Good organizations might have a laser sight on the top-line and bottom-line and pay lip service to employee wellness and human capital. Inspired organizations deliver best-practices to the entire workforce as fragmentation lacks the ingredients needed.  The inspired organization looks, acts, and feels different not only to their employees but to those conducting business with them.  It is our vision to provide oxygen to organizations who share our beliefs regarding human capital, employee wellness , and organizational performance.




We are challenged by those missing pieces of the puzzle.  We prefer to travel our journey with a missing piece and understand that for us it is a reminder of why we must keep pushing.


Inspired organizations look, act, and feel different not only to their employees but to those conducting business with them.  It is our passion to provide oxygen to organizations that share our belief that there exists an extraordinary amount of human potential waiting to be unleashed.  Each one inspire one!










As a coaching provider specializing in personal and professional transformation, a comprehensive selection process is designed to forge teaming opportunities with highly-dedicated organizations.  This selection process serves as the quintessential standard with a focus on quality client experience versus client numbers.  If selected as a valued client, you have  demonstrated the characteristics for completion with minimal impedance.



Position those within your influence to succeed.

Build strong and compelling relationships and you too will benefit and reach your full potential as a person who leads.  This is a no-brainer and will have an impact on the entire team.  Changing your perceptions, perspective, and mindset is not a single a-ha moment in time.  It happens over time whether a little or a lot of time.  Regardless of the length of time it takes to evolve in your perceptions, perspective, and mindset it can happen IF you have patience and engage in consistent action.  As a person in a leadership role, don’t deny those you lead the opportunity to thrive. 


If you were walking into a firestorm, who could you count on?  Would you be so fortunate to have a line of employees ready to follow you?

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