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In a workplace environment, there looms a problem that tends to cripple employee performance.  Many problems are in the mix but this takes the Gold Medal.  Leadership!  Within the walls of most organizations, good leaders are present and deliver their greatness to employees.   Leaders are commissioned to lead people, processes, and performance. 


I would venture to guess that you have experienced that type of leader.  One that assumes a command and control style of leadership.  The one that DOESN'T deliver the most inspiring vibe or energy.  You know!  The leader that takes the oxygen out of the environment. It's no wonder why we have mediocre cultures in our workplace. How does this type of leader make you feel when you walk through the door giving he/she 8 hours of your time?  Eight hours away from your kids, hobbies, and personal life.  


If you are commanding the ship as a CEO, President, or C-level executive and you want to lead those who depend on you, ask them how you can improve as a leader.  Step up and be unafraid as to the feedback you receive.  This what GENIUS leaders do!  They think, act, and navigate their teams differently.  Inspire from within and you won't go without!



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