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designed wellness & performance

Designed wellness and performance can improve the bottom-line numbers especially health care expenditures.  We are equipped to facilitate your entire wellness platform from initial communications and assessments to identifying the most effective vendors for program implementations and employee engagement activities.  Since 1991, 6Pivot Performance has provided world-class training professionals to development human capital. And part of our wellness initiatives we are able to acquire seasoned talent for on-site health and wellness workshops.

Wellness can be fun for the entire family and with our event planning capabilities you will not only provide engaging events, you will create a loyal employee-base and they too will provide branding power.

Designing employee performance programs is a comprehensive process that requires a substantial time gathering data and mobilizing resources that best position employees for success.  

Breathing oxygen into your ongoing programming or creating a new and improved initiative can be accomplish in various ways and when your team or organization as a whole needs innovative drivers, we stand with passion to serve you.  Outsourcing the development of performance design to 6Pivot and turning that energy into synergy will deliver your greatness in a compelling way.

Designing performance initiatives can position organizations to maximize their efforts and send a compelling message in all directions.  When a firm stance on designed  performance is realized, collaboration is king.  This is the action step that identifies significant pain points and integrates creativity within the collaboration team.  Established as a long-term play, short-term growth and return is just one focal points.  Employee engagement and cohesiveness play critical roles in the building a solid foundation.

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