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WE EXIST TO..... unique organizational attributes.

.....spawn a new breed of employees. develop a different kind of leader.

.....ignite a more compelling organizational vision.

.....actuate a culture of collective impact.

"There is no set playbook for what we do!"

Coach In-Residence Experience


  • Is your organization the kind where employees are encouraged to share ideas that catalyze transformation?

  • Do you understand people and what it is they really need to exceed expectations?  Is your organization one that leads with clear objectives?

  • Is your organization simply going through the motions without emotion?

  • What is your purpose and how do you involve your employees?

  • Does the health and well-being of employees rank as a high-priority?

  • Are you authentically ready and willing to communicate a compelling vision that builds loyalty with employees and consumers alike?

  • Does your organization understand that small victories create big evolutions?

  • Is your organization ready to think, act, and feel different?

  • We are passionate about transformation!  Is your organization?

In everything we do, we believe in challenging conventional thought.

We believe employees and organizations alike are functioning at a fraction of their potential.

We believe in thinking at a higher level to transcend barriers.

We believe the power of human creativity resides in the epicenter of transformation.

We challenge convention by facilitating compelling and engaging experiences.

We are performance designers, advisors, coaches, and communicators.

Where We Spend Our Energy

Asking the transformative questions.

Finding scar tissue and treating it.

Conceptualizing and facilitating transformation.

Gathering information and following it.

Collective impact modeling.

Designing performance solutions.

We appreciate your connection! Once we review your message a representative will be in touch. Live with intention!

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