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We listen and we do it well!  It is the first and most constant thing we do.  All things thrive or perish in the details or there lack of.  Because we navigate our affiliations with powerful listening skills, the most pertinent data is revealed.  It is imperative that we follow data wherever it leads us.  We have the peripheral vision to listen to things we can't always hear and we love that! It is while listening with ears and eyes that we absorb critical information and facilitate powerful conversations.


Opening conversations that lead your organization through a barrier or a transformation of significance is our preferred space.  Getting through those adversities and positioning an individual, a team, and organization alike is our playing field and we push through self-imposed barriers finding the ways and means to execute the journey.


Collaboration is important but intelligent collaboration is the differentiator in how we fulfill our obligations to clients.  We stand boldly by insisting on a strong and healthy alliance seeded with growth mindset and innovative thought.  Drawing upon listening instinctively, collaboration is a vital ingredient in challenging the present culture, mindset, and human capital investments.  Culminating from our insistence for intelligent collaboration a proprietary culture is cultivated.  


Good organizations might have a laser sight on the top-line and bottom-line and all the noise in between never experiencing all the potential within.  Inspired organizations are different!  They deliver best-practices to the entire workforce as fragmentation lacks the cohesiveness needed.  The inspired organization looks, acts, and feels different not only to their employees but to those conducting transactions with them.  It is our vision to provide oxygen to organizations who share our beliefs regarding human capital, individual potential, and organizational dynamics.  Our life's work is inspiring and facilitating engagement. 


Absolute transparency lends a spectacular amount of energy and trust to any type of relationship.  Our mindset is that in order for a teaming opportunity to reach its greatest potential we need our clients to know everything with certainty.  This drives spectacular relationships, processes, and overall effectiveness ensuring that TEAM just is.


At our core it is the belief that we innovate the moment and get crazy-creative in pushing the limits of convention.  We also understand that remaining in balance with logic will create the best possible outcomes regarding objectives.  Through our ability to put a critical eye on the moment and future alike, we never completely close a conversation.  Remaining in a dynamic state will keep growth potential on the cusp.

how we do it

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Jeff Bergman is the Founder and Chief Performance Officer of 6Pivot Performance where he leads the charge in facilitating customized performance and wellness initiatives.  Since 1991, Jeff has coached individuals, advised organizations, and facilitated projects with a keen eye and strategic approach.  He holds advanced-level certifications in performance design, advising, and coaching specializing in employee performance, individual health & wellness, corporate wellness, sleep science, and stress management.

As a performance and wellness design specialist, advisor, and coach, he brings over two decades of research and facilitation in the arena of human potential.  Jeff has collaborated with and facilitated services for educational institutions, corporations, and associations.  His professional initiatives have positioned him to develop relationships with C-level executives, national pageant titleholders, motion picture inspirations, professional athletes, distinguished military personnel, and wellness professionals.  His ability in tapping the core of human emotions, perceptions and mindset navigates the experience to a higher-level of transformation.

In addition to his performance design and coaching endeavors he is a high-impact freelance writer, keynote speaker, workshop (conversation) facilitator, and passionate survivor coach.  He is the father of one daughter (Delanie) who since 2004 has inspired him to keep pushing the limits of transformation. His hobbies include sporting events, watching documentaries, listening to music, and exercising.


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