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I first want to welcome you to 6PivotPerformance.  The 6Pivot brand was born at a time when both my personal and professional life was interrupted by multiple medical crises.  It was then when I had a burning desire to expand on both my personal and professional experiences.  In the midst of battling my medical maladies, I began to orchestrate what would become 6Pivot Performance.  The previous 25 years gave me many fortunes in the worlds of human capital, entrepreneurship, performance design, strategic planning, career management, project development, etc.  It was during this time that I had many mentors, collaborators, and clients shaping world-class mindsets.


While on this 25-year journey, I acquired priceless insight from collaborators including NASA astronauts, elite athletes, distinguished military personnel, national pageant titleholders, motion picture inspirations, best-selling authors, and Fortune 500 C-level executives.  The professional relationships developed, the miles spent traveling, the thousands of conversations, the milestones, and the not-so-impressive outcomes were equally important in what today is known as 6Pivot Performance. 


6Pivot is the hybrid creation of past and present.  The past prepared us for a dynamic business model and gave birth to a more robust human capital platform.  As a result of the challenges both past and present, we put the crosshairs on building a team of creative and compelling minds who believe in delivering impact on each project.


As you can realize from our transparency, we focus heavily on the areas of corporate wellness, employee health & wellness, and performance-centric initiatives.  6Pivot Performance would be the platform with its underpinning being our “why.”  We know what we do.  We know how we do it.  We know why we do it.  Let's start a conversation.

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