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How Men Can Harness the Power of Change

We live in times of change! There is no debate as to the break-neck speed of innovation from technology to transportation and from individual skill sets to organizational visions.

As a performance designer and coach, it never ceases to amaze me that as a population we have yet to reach our potential. To embrace change is to grow and to challenge complacency. In my advisory/coaching practice, the most influential catalyst is to ask transformational questions. We embrace those tough questions that lead individuals and organizations alike to profound change.

Oftentimes, change is accompanied by a little pain and if we know the value of the process then our travels will be met with celebration. When we understand change from a 360 degree perspective, change then becomes more of a desire than a burden. In its essence, change will create opportunity, ignite energy, and bring us closer to reaching true potential.

In the following insights, I challenge you to unlock and deploy abstract thinking and answer the transformational questions.


We must take control of our personal health and that of others who rely on us to be healthy. I believe in the opportunities to wake up each day and engage actions that complement the mind, body, and spirit with greatness. Here are three actions that will kick start and improve your health with minimal effort.

Start slow and be consistent.

You need not start going to the gym and cranking 2 hours on the treadmill to feel good about getting healthy. That would simply be counterproductive in the long-term as you might crash and burn. Begin with 5 to 10 minutes for the first week then gradually increase your time and intensity. I implore you to change but don’t change too rapidly if it doesn’t serve you well. Be intelligent as you embrace health transformation.

If you are given a task at work that required a strategic process to achieve project objective do you follow the instruction verbatim? If you do, can you mobilize that mindset when it comes to the process and intelligent travel regarding personal health?

Integrate multiple actions to greater health.

One action alone will not create that superior state of health that you strive to achieve. It takes a number of things to hit the target. Remember, change intelligently. As you launch your transformation, start with one action and integrate another and another and another. To start, a little exercise, a little better nutrition, and a little more self-education in the area of mindset and performance. It will definitely help to improve your sleep hygiene and stress management actions as well. Slow and consistent change is KING!

If you were asked to bake a cake and enter it into a national-level taste competition would you use all the necessary ingredients or exclude that one cup of brown sugar and use traditional sugar? In your quest to attain optimal health are you excluding an ingredient that will be THE difference?

The profound ingredients are all around us, let’s use them!

Embrace the opportunities to get mentoring, counseling or coaching.

When we realize that personal transformation can be a daunting task it is a powerful action to embrace an actuator to better position us for success. Having another mind on our journey will create something so special. A friend, colleague or coach will drive you through the self-imposed barriers. Embrace others on your journey.

Oftentimes, it’s not enough to travel alone and with an ego-centric mentality. Are you willing to embrace centricity in a different way? Getting centered in a way that fosters growth is sometimes the right path and with the actuating power of others you stand to gain success ten-fold. If you want change bad enough to trim the scar tissue of life then you can’t fail.

If you are in charge of one employee or more then this on is for you. If your style of leadership hasn’t changed since the 90’s then it’s most likely time for an overhauling. If your command and control style is alienating, this might cast some light on your connections with subordinates.

Position those within your influence to succeed.

Build strong and compelling relationships and you too will benefit and reach your full potential as a person who leads. This is a no-brainer and will have an impact on the entire team. Changing your perceptions, perspective, and mindset is not a single a-ha moment in time. It happens over time whether a little or a lot of time. Regardless of the length of time it takes to evolve in your perceptions, perspective, and mindset it can happen IF you have patience and engage in consistent action. As a person in a leadership role, don’t deny those you lead the opportunity to thrive.

If you were walking into a firestorm, who could you count on? Would you be so fortunate to have a line of employees ready to follow you?

Be coachable!

I can state from my own professional experience that no matter what position you hold, being coachable will add a special ingredient to your career. I have spent my professional existence coaching and organizations in a variety of disciplines. There was a time early in my professional journey when I wasn’t very coachable. Big mistake! The unfavorable outcomes didn’t appear immediately and for that reason, I wasn’t aware of what was heading my way. As a performance advisor/coach, it now behooves me to seek out opportunities to get counsel. Who was I to think that all the answers were in my grasp? Who are you to think that you have arrived? None of us arrive! However, each of us can embrace change and attain a more fulfilling mindset.

What are you willing to do or not do to evolve? Are you willing to allow someone or something to disrupt your mindset, perspectives, and perceptions?

Invite collective impact and take people with you.

I believe that we are better when others are involved. I believe each of us have mounds of untapped potential. When we collaborate greater things happen and when we give up something we can gain a lot. When motives are examined and they reflect “I”, our subordinates will eventually disconnect. Lose steam!

When the team has a voice “We”, everyone can succeed. Each team member will develop loyalty, trust, and tend to stick around for the next evolution. If your team has a disconnect it is imperative that you, whoever you are and whatever capacity you serve – create a shift. A team member doesn’t necessarily need to ask the brass to create a shift, rather, create that shift and others will chime in. Start the conversation that creates the shift and you will be amazed.

Are you that audacious individual that will stand proud for a cause? Are you that actuator who will eventually be regarding as the change agent? If so, take as many people with you.

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