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6 Ways to Gain Partnership Cohesion (An Organizational Insight)


If you or your organization desires to do anything extraordinary, it should be listening instinctively! It is the first and most constant attribute to master. All things thrive or perish in the details or there lack of. When we navigate our affiliations with powerful listening skills, the most pertinent data is revealed. It is imperative that the relevant data seen, heard, and felt leads us to create compelling experiences.

Leading people should involve peripheral vision at the micro and macro level alike. Inspired leaders in a quest to develop high-quality partnerships can improve the journey ten-fold when they listen to things they can’t always hear. Learning to listen with visual acuity will enable inspired partnerships to absorb critical information and facilitate powerful conversations.


Opening conversations that lead a partnership or alliance through a barrier catalyzes strong resolution. When immersive conversations are needed, they should be pursued with the prize in mind and if a framework for such is needed, develop that process. As you underscore immersive conversation within a partnership keep in mind that people are the driving force and must add value to the partnership and not themselves. Partnership first!

Getting through adversities and positioning employees, teams, and organizations alike is sometimes an arduous journey. If partnerships maintain healthy intentions in regards to growth, asking the tough questions will yield positive outcomes. An outsourced growth advisor/coach might be an option when navigating partnership if internal resources lack the punch needed.

At the end of the day, a well-oiled partnership/alliance has profound potential. Again, micro and macro-level approaches have their time and place in igniting and managing the pathway to the ultimate objectives. By pushing through the evolutions with tough questions, the ways and means to execute will most likely surface. If wounds need to be opened, heal them from the inside out.


Collaboration is important in any partnership/alliance but intelligent collaboration is a differentiator in fulfilling our obligations to the partnership itself and to that of the client and/or end user. When each entity stands boldly by insisting on a strong and healthy alliance, seeded with growth mindsets, and supported by innovative thought, everyone wins. Everyone!

Drawing upon listening instinctively, intelligent collaboration is a vital ingredient to challenging the present culture and mindset. Culminating from our insistence for hearing what can’t always be heard, intelligent collaboration will cultivate a unique culture within strategic partnerships.


Good organizations might have a laser sight on the top-line and bottom-line and all the noise in between never experiencing all the potential within. Inspired organizations are different! They deliver best-practices to the partnership and the moving part within. The inspired partnership looks, acts, and feels different not only to the entities but to those conducting business with them.

It should be the vision of the partnership to provide oxygen to those who share their beliefs regarding human assets, individual potential, partnership dynamics, and the customer. The journey of the partnership needs to be inspiring in a quest to facilitate engagement and growth. Herein are three ways to inspire high-level engagement:

  1. Never rest on the foundation…..get uncomfortable!

  2. Give everyone a voice…..diverse minds bring value.

  3. Listen to your customers…..they are the ultimate reason.


Practicing absolute transparency lends a spectacular amount of energy and trust to the partnership. If it is understood that in order for a teaming opportunity to reach its greatest potential, clients will know with certainty, your intentions.

This type of partnership is driven by creative minds, powerful communication, and the vision to bring the best of everything to the table, ensuring that it can’t happen any other way.


When individuals and organizations have the belief that innovating the moment and getting crazy-creative will challenge the limits of convention, greater possibilities will unfold. When this core attribute is understood, a higher voltage of current is present. They take on the notion that remaining in balance with logic can be achieved when it is understood. Challenging status quo and traveling a different pathway can create high-level outcomes.

If you as an individual or your organization land in this state, it is possible to put a critical eye on the moment and future, never to completely close the conversation. This method of travel will position you in a dynamic state and keep growth potential in motion.



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