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"Because of Jeff's commitment and dedication to education and skill enhancement he was able to build an alliance between NESTA/Spencer Institute and the Missouri Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.  We hope to have the opportunity to help others progress in their education through this alliance.  Thank you Jeff for your devotion to education and helping others."

Suzan Askins, Operations Coordinator

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association

"We were pleased to have as our guest speaker, Jeffrey Bergman who presented his story of recovery and the struggles and successes on his road to healthy lifestyle.  He was presenting to approximately 45 participants who found his presentation to be useful information they could apply to their own lives.  We provided a heart healthy snack suggested by Mr. Bergman of blueberries and kiwi."

Kathy Rogers, Wellness Clinic Program Director

Preferred Family Healthcare

"My experience with 6Pivot Performance and Jeff and his coaching style traveled above and beyond what was expected.  He asked me questions that opened big doors to my personal wellness goals.  He made me feel confident and excited to take my life to a higher level.  I now have the passion to help others in the way Jeff helped me.  Because of him, I obtained my certification as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach and have refocused my career path."

Mona Wray

Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

"I hold credentials in the health & wellness field and Jeff’s knowledge regarding peak-performance was amazing.  More importantly, his methods are not intimidating or overbearing.  He looked at the whole me and built a strategy with me instead of for me.  Jeff made me feel like the most important part of my life was yet to come.  As far as the coach-client dynamics, he took me on a great journey during each session."

Dustin Swearingen

Wellness Professional

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