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A Tribute to Caregivers




…..being our voice when we had little to say.


…..holding our hand when we were scared.


…..feeding us when we had no hunger.


…..wiping the tears from our cheeks when we felt pain.


…..staying awake in the late hours to watch over us.


…..remaining strong when our emotions were weak at heart.


…..walking every step of this journey with and for us.


… us strength when your tank was low.


…..the many words of encouragement.


…..expressing and showing us that we are loved.


…..inspiring us to fight a great fight.


…..being our hero in the darkest hours.


…..celebrating our victories in tandem.


We love you beyond words!

Jeffrey K. Bergman

July 2017

Please share this tribute with your caregiver or someone you know who is a caregiver. They are deserving!
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