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workplace wellness advising

Creating a culture of healthy team members can mean the difference between organizational mediocrity and greatness!  The difference in high versus low healthcare expenditures.  The difference in recruiting top talent.  The difference in retaining high-quality human assets.  As an advisory firm specializing in workplace wellness, 6Pivot places a high priority on cultural transformation, employee connection, and creativity/innovation.  We first seek to understand the thought process of transformation at the individual level ultimately positioning the organization for a high-yield potential.  As practitioners of strategic planning and wellness culture development, 6Pivot works to create and implement solutions.  Let's get healthy and happy!

Whether your organization is experiencing complacency of employee wellness or your executive team has decided to pursue the creation of a wellness program, 6Pivot will unhinge the thought process to facilitate a cultural transformation toward a winning wellness culture.  At the core of our methodology is the utilization of best practices and benchmarking. We engineer a hybrid approach and integrate methods that provide awareness, cognitive shifting, and employee motivation to achieve desired outcomes.  Assuming the role as both an advisor and facilitator, 6Pivot Performance stands ready to navigate your organization into a model for transformation.

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